As designers of outdoor life, we strive to ensure that our works, in addition to aesthetics, meet the highest standard qualities and functionality.

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Our story Alan and Bojan are the main creators of Hortus' story, their collaboration began in 2007. Namely, they met an old gardener and a lover of life - Ivica Rozić. They "clicked" and started gardening with him, along with a lot of philosophizing and enjoying life. Which always separates work from the vocation and gives it that sweet note of enjoyment. Ivica connected the incompatible, flirted with spirituality and made masterpieces in the gardens, which inspired both Alan and Bojan. Although they never thought that it would become their calling, they decided to become independent and realized that their job is actually a pure creation, which makes them happy even after 14 years of working together. With a clear mind and skilled hands, the employees of Hortus Gardens, today set new standards in design, creativity, modern and old traditional techniques of garden performance. They enjoy what they do, they always want to deliver added value to their clients, and to intrigue and delight them with countless possibilities of designing outdoor living spaces. Creativity for "Hortus" has no limits, and that is their value. They also like to say for themselves that they are designers of outdoor life. With their relaxed and cheerful approach, they stand out from others, while their work meets the highest standard qualities and functionalities. They proudly stand behind the fact that their clients like them, and together they enjoy the positive changes that remain behind them. In addition to being fast, accurate and working to the highest standards, they also have their own philosophy - creativity knows no boundaries and learning never stops.

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