Mowing the grass

Sometimes you don’t have time, and sometimes you would just do something else instead of mowing. This is where we jump in and offer you lawn maintenance - monthly, occasionally or the option that seems best for your lawn.

Hedge trimming

Regular hedge maintenance is a key detail of any beautiful and healthy hedge. Each hedge has its own pace of growth and development, so the pruning should be adapted to the plant itself. Let us at Hortus make sure your hedge is healthy, beautiful and tidy.

Pruning flowering and ornamental shrubs

Shrubs are an indispensable element in every garden formation. Because they give the garden splendour with their beauty of flowers and shape. However, in order for the bushes to bloom from year to year, it is necessary to take adequate care of them. If you are not sure how to prune, we are at your disposal for advice and pruning.

Tree care

Sometimes it is not easy to climb high to reach some annoying branch or just to form a canopy. We specialize in high-altitude works in urban areas, and we take great care in rehabilitating trees. We know how to detangle a tree of unnecessary branches, give it air, shape it, and yet not damage it. Caring for trees is a very sensitive procedure, we believe that the procedure requires awareness and knowledge of how to approach the plant itself so that it remains healthy. We are here to perform this physically demanding, yet delicate task for you.


Weed control has always been a great torment. Weeds not only spoil the appearance of the garden but also negatively affect the plants themselves, preventing their root system from developing properly and absorbing nutrients in the required amount. Despite weeding, weeds grow faster than decorative plants, deprive the soil of the best nutritional properties and thus interfere with the growth of cultivated plants. Weeds should be weeded regularly and in detail so that the lawn and seedlings in the garden are provided with the best conditions for growth.


Regular hilling is the most natural way possible to keep weeds away from planted plants and vegetables. Garden hoeing is also useful for well-structured and permeable soil. It is useful for the roots of horticultural plants, which then grow freely underground. Hilling also facilitates the penetration of rainwater, which is drained and evenly impregnated into the soil. All without the dangerous stagnation that often causes diseases of lawns and seedlings. We at Hortus do hilling of your garden and plants at the ideal pace for their perfect development.