Tin curbs

Are you tired of messy lawn edges, scattered pebbles, tree bark, or wooden and plastic curbs that rot and break? Let us offer you the ideal solution for your garden - a tin curb that is ideal for separating pebbles from lawns and flower beds. Because of this curb, your flower beds will always be neat and mowing the grass will become much easier.

Anti-weed substrate

Are you bothered by weeds in the garden and you don't know how to get rid of them? Weed control has always been a big problem for every gardener, but we offer a quality solution in the form of an anti-weed base. It not only chokes the weeds but also separates the stone or wooden cover that is on it.

Tree bark

If you want a warm and completely natural solution for a cover in your garden beds, our suggestion is definitely a tree bark. Why? Its characteristics are not only decorative in nature but also prevent the growth of weeds. It also regulates soil temperature, protects against summer dehydration of plants, as well as winter frost.

River Pebble

It is natural and undoubtedly one of the most attractive ways of arranging a garden that will give it a natural look. It is suitable as a cover for garden beds, retains moisture and can also be used for garden paths, terraces and dry gardens.